Morning Assembly

Morning is the perfect time to revive the learning, take in inspiration and begin your day with positivity. As the students walk into the school campus the first activity that kick starts the day are the Special Morning Assembly.

In the serene hours of the morning, the students are made to assemble on the ground and pray to the Lord for their guidance and wisdom. The prayer is followed by guide from mentors, skits and displays of slogans, important notices, speech, songs, National Anthem and even the plan for the day.

Very often the assembly is addressed by the Director, Principal and the Head Teachers. There are renowned people of educational importance address the students on occasions for special events and assemblies. All of the activities conducted in the Special morning Assemblies contribute to increasing the energy of the students preparing them for the day with enthusiasm and making them stay connected to the moral values.

A good Morning Assembly is significant to:

  • Promote unity and patriotism amongst students
  • Develop the sense of belonging and loyalty to the School
  • Inculcate discipline, organized behavior and culture in the students
  • Motivate and stay confident in front of a large crowd
  • Encourage them to share their experience and stories and inspire others