Secondary School

In the final years of Elementary Classes, focused education is imparted to the children for the best development of their future. In these classes children start showing maturity in their conduct and behaviour. Here our focus is towards sharpening their academic as well as co-curricular skills for an all-round development. Systematic grooming of each child and counseling sessions help them identify their subjects and areas of interests, They are guided to make choices for their career and achieve desired goals in future, Children in Swami Vivekananda Kendriya Vidyalaya are provided with ample opportunities to try new ideas and excel in them. The willingness to think and try new ideas is induced by our experienced teachers.

A better comprehension, diligence and quest to excel in their field is imparted to these children. Holistic approach is made to teach children about accepting the mistakes and take them as lessons. They are encouraged to progress further with better preparation each time. Active participation in various academic and non-academic activities is appreciated while making each child getting actively engaged in new activities. Exploring facilities of technology-aided learning, activity-based learning and even exposing to new situations turns them into confident individuals.