Dear Students,

Welcome to the new session of Swami Vivekananda Kendriya Vidyalaya. We are proud to announce that the performance of our students is beyond our expectations in the last Class X Board Exam under CBSE. The wealth of nation depends not only on its economy and natural resources, but also on the qualities of the students, children and youth as they will be the creator of tomorrow and shape the nation. In this aspect we present our pupils with a range of opportunities and the school prides itself on the various extra-curricular activities. It’s vision is to built up on the principle of the school as a community of learners and leaders. Teachers are encouraged individually to the programme with their own ‘artistic flair’ and enhance a child’s creativity. We certainly hope that you will continue to play a critical role in developing on outstanding school environment where children will be able to achieve their dreams and goals. We urge every parents to help us towards the steps of our efforts to make our school a place where every child can improve their knowledge and every teacher can make a difference.